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The Scarlet Pines sound is a musical tapestry of modern UK jazz, psychedelic rock, instrumental hip-hop and soul.

Scarlet Pines’ acclaimed 2020 debut “A Life In Flow” has received worldwide radio play from major stations such as Jazz FM and Radio X.


The release also caught the attention of key tastemakers such as DUMMY, Proved Records, and Music is my Sanctuary. 


Created by keyboardist Pete Range, he is joined by Idris Rahman on sax, Joseph Perkins on guitar, Flo Moore on bass and Joel Barford on drums. They are currently in the process of writing and recording their debut full length release, due in 2021.

“Undeniably original and yet nostalgically familiar” - Music Is My Sanctuary


“Cascading chords, soaring sax lines and warm pop hooks” - DUMMY